Ariel Washing Powder Colour 22 Washes 1.43kg
daniel "What, you wash all your clothes together?" @viktorija was so shocked that I don't wash whites and colours separately that I did some research and it turns out there's a good reason for it. Not only will washing whites separately stop the colours running, there's even different detergents for whites and colours. The whites contain enzymes and bleaching agents to get the clothes whiter and the colours don't. So use these if you don't want your clothes to fade! Every time I learn stuff like this I feel like I level up at life. Ps powder is better than liquid because they can't add the bleaching agents to liquid, and this means bacteria can build up and leave your washing machine with a funky smell. Pps do a maintenance wash once a month with the machine empty and a normal amount of detergent
colleen-bulfin Get separating your washing asap you cave man!
Product information
Ariel Washing Powder gives you brilliant cleaning every time. Whether you’re washing a great pile of whites, or a tiny load of coloured garments, you can dose flexibly the amount you need.Use with Lenor Fabric Conditioners and Ariel Stain Remover for impeccably clean and irresistibly fresh laundry r...
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