Black Light UV Tube & Holder 450mm
daniel In mediterranean countries you can drink a lot of coffee because it gets transpired and absorbed by the sun. In the uk, coffee can get trapped in the system, and tries to escape through the left eye by twitching it. With this handy lamp you can simulate the higher UV levels of mediterranean countries and stop that pesky eye twitch. #coffee #eyetwitch #uv #cafeculture #espresso
bronsa how do I apply this to my left eye? do I rub it over it?
hais @bronsa I think it's actually a lot smaller than it looks. So maybe you just pop it under the eyelid?
Product information
Ideal for bars, parties and games rooms, the Black Light UV Tube & Holder emits an ultraviolet light for a fluorescent glow. This holder features a UV tube with a chrome reflector to enhance the light and is suitable for wall mounting.
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