Penfolds Grange Bin 95 Shiraz Fine Red Wine 75cl
decmone A lovely super smooth 95 Shiraz. Highly recommended if you want to splash a bit of cash on perfection! #95Shiraz #supersmooth #winnerswine #ninefinewines #perfection
Product information
Penfolds Grange Shiraz Bin 95 is one of the most celebrated wines and is also known as the “Heritage Icon” of Australia. Penfolds Grange uses fully ripe, intensely flavoured and textured shiraz grapes. stock a huge range of products, from champagne to ales, not to mention a selection of fine whiskies and rare spirits. Offering drinks to suit every occasion, every meal and every mood – all supplied at fantastic prices. DrinkSupermarket offer next day delivery, and no order is too big or too small.
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