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WeShop is a brand-new social shopping site with over 150,000 members. Browse millions of products from over 350 top retailers that have been recommended by people you trust.

Unlike other shopping platforms, WeShop lets you get rewarded for your recommendations. Post and share the things you’re wearing, using and putting in your home to inspire others and collect points when you generate a sale.

Browse millions of products, recommended by people you trust and shop the items that inspire you.

Share your own experiences, creating posts containing products you love.

Earn points each time friends, family or your followers shop from your profile.

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A stunning profile helps ensure you can be easily found by friends, family and others that want to follow you.

Re-purpose your social posts

Take the photos you’ve posted on Instagram or pinned on Pinterest and add them to your WeShop profile. Then, simply tag the product featured to share your style.

Share your thoughts

A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but it’s worth adding a caption and hashtags to your post to say why it’s a must-buy and make it easier to find.

Invite your followers

To earn points for your recommendations you’ll need to grow your WeShop followers. The best way to do this is by inviting everyone you know to join you. Share your personal referral link and earn £10 each time

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